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April 30, 2011

Amazing Day

I am so happy to be feeling well today. It has been over two weeks of me feeling miserable and laying in bed 90% of that time.  My appetite has been lousy but these last two weeks have flown by because I slept most of it!  I guess I can be grateful for that.  

So today was fantastic. I wore my new birthday hat from sister Molly in Scotland <Thanks Mol!> and actually got dressed in real clothes, meaning I wore jeans and a real bra. Then I was greeted by my mom and sister with my favorite Starbucks drink.  We grabbed all my medicine in my diaper bag and headed out to get pedicures. More about my diaper bag another time...After pedicures we went shopping in a couple of stores.  I loved walking in and out of the store today because the sun was out and we had bright blue skies...I think Spring is finally here. 

My mom and Amy dropped me off at home and I hung out with my current caretaker, Kathi.  Side note, over the past two weeks my dad and step-mom left me at home with four crazy dogs to escape to the on a private sailboat with eight friends in the British Virgin Islands.  I am certain they would have invited me if I didn't have my picc line in my arm!  Anyway, so I have been at home resting most of this time, but today with my spark of energy I decided I would redo the guest bathroom in the house as a surprise to them.  I am really hoping they are not reading this during their day of travel so it doesn't ruin the surprise.  

Over my time of living with my dad and step mom I have learned many things about them including the fact that they are so sick of our guest bathroom being bright pink.  When we had four teenage girls in the house the bright pink was a decision that made sense. I personally still love the bright pink and I know Amy does too, but after all the complaining, the lipstick color has got to go. I think the bathroom is such an issue because the most visited room in the house is the computer room which happens to be just past the infamous bathroom drawing more attention to the eyesore.  

As a nice welcome home gift I decided to redo this bathroom in a nautical theme.  The pink is now 'sailboat blue' and has accents of an anchor, rope and other nautical accessories.  It is pretty much perfect for the house. So today Kathi and I went to buy some paint and started on a fun project.  There is no way I would be able to accomplish this on my own, but she had the energy and the drive to help me so we are going to have it all done before they get back tomorrow night!  All in all, I had an excellent day full of energy and smiles.  I think days like this are a glimmer of what my future will be like after treatment and I am so excited for that time to come!


  1. Elizabeth, it was fun to hang out with you today. Today i felt more useful to you. I don't usually like shopping, but since we had a goal to work on it made it fun hunting for the items. I appreciate the opportunity to help you on your project and i think they will like it and it will warm their hearts for the care and thought you put into it as well as your physical stength and energy. I'm sure each day is a challenge to see how you will feel each day. Be careful not to over do it on those good days. You do so good today from the moment you woke up! So i'll see you bright in the morning for another fun greeting of infusion :-) Peace and Grace, Kathi
    oh yeah BTW, i got a puppy named "ACE" :-)
    It was fun loving on and being loved by the doggies, maybe next time Diego can stay :-)

  2. Elizabeth! This made me so happy to read! Plus I'm happy you liked your hat!!!! Way to go on changing the bathroom! did you take before and after pictures?? Love you!! Fabulous to hear that you had a great day! Thanks for writing!!
    Love you,

  3. We had a really good day! Glad the bright yellow pedi tickled you toes to give you even more energy!