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May 10, 2011

It's Been Six Months!

Yesterday marked my six month anniversary since my original diagnosis! I had an appointment today in California with my Lyme specialist.  I have to say, with all my anxiety I have about going to a doctor's appointment, today's was really good.  I have hit my first medication plateau with fighting Lyme so I get to graduate to my next IV medication!  The doctor was very proud to see my progress and that made me feel really good.

Fighting Lyme disease is like running a marathon.  Today, I learned that I am doing well, my shoes are holding up well, my water bottle needs to stay full, and I need to continue to pace myself.  I am running the race and doing really well.  I am grateful for my support team cheering me on and for my "trainer" who keeps checking in on me throughout the path.  I have a long way to go, but after running for six months I am doing incredible well and on track to finish the race.

Two-lumen picc line with extension set.
Speaking of my "running equipment", this (pictured) is one of the most crucial pieces. It is called a picc-line. The line is on the inside of my left arm and has 41cm running through my vein from my arm all the way to my heart.  I have had to get a few of these placed for different reasons, but this current one is working well and super important to my continued success in fighting Lyme disease.

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