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May 18, 2011

My Trip to Boise

Go Brooke! Wish I felt better this day.
I left Reno on Thursday to spend the long weekend in Boise, Idaho celebrating Brooke's graduation from Boise State.  That's right, Brooke graduated!!!  I was anxious about flying with my infusion balls because they resemble bombs (see picture below).  I had twenty balls, saline syringes, heparin syringes, iv zofran among all my other medicine.

I researched and my dad called the airline to find out if we would have any problems getting through security.  All in all, TSA was wonderful.  They didn't believe me that my diaper bag needed to be hand inspected because I had ice-packs covering the suspicious "bombs".  I made it a goal to not use the word bomb, but really in my day to day life that's what we call them.

So security took a long time, about thirty minutes longer than the rest of my family because I had to be hand inspected and all my medicines had to be tested for vapors.  I remain patient and kind with the TSA workers and they were great.

I did learn that you can't bring an ice-pack through security that is partially defrosted.  They must be fully frozen when you go through security.  If it has gel they have to throw it away.

I thought it would be fun to go through security and bring twenty "bombs" of infusion, but it was much less eventful than I was expecting.  I did learn some things about the job of a TSA worker and how meticulous they have to be for everyone who comes through the airport.  I had an educational experience and was able to travel with my thousands and thousands of dollars of medication and made it to Boise.

The rest of the trip was hard on my body.  The full moon was coming, which always makes my body act up, but I think the travel also took a toll.  I wasn't able to watch Brooke walk at graduation, but I did get to go to her party.  I spent a lot of the trip in my hotel room sleeping and getting IV fluids.  It was sad for me, but I just had to realize I am doing the best I can.

I'm so proud of Brooke and loved meeting her and her friends.  I hope to go back there soon and visit her when I feel stronger on a more consistent basis.
This "bomb" is the size of an apple (merrem). I have another the size of a grapefruit(zithromax). I do multiple each day.

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  1. Thank you again sister for making the trip up to see me. I can't wait for you to come to Boise and we can go running and floating the river. It won't be that long and you will be up and running like new! It was so good to see you and celebrate with you. I can't wait until we celebrate the end of this journey with you, that will be ONE HELL OF A PARTY! Love you sister, stay strong and enjoy lyme month!