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July 29, 2011

Here Goes Nothing - It's Procedure Day

Today, I am freaking out a bit.  I have a strange bump on my back that I am having removed today.  The reason I share this, is this "bump" is the epicenter to all my pain on my back.  All the pain radiates from this one spot.  About eight years ago, before my family understood my pain on my back, my mom was convinced it was a blackhead.  She pinned me on the ground and tried to squeeze it out.  I screamed bloody murder and cried for a long time.  That awful day is a lasting memory for us but it confirmed that my pain was not typical. Yesterday, my mom described what she saw on that day come out of the bump as a thick hair or a nerve.

Fast forward to this month when we saw my specialist...Dr. Harris took a look when he heard about the bump and said "let's cut it out!" He thinks it could be the tick head still in my skin! Ew!

So today, I am going to a dermatologist to have this potential tick head removed from my back.  I would probably be nervous if a dermatologist was removing something on another part of my body, but this is my the most sensitive part of my back! :(

Some of my family members have a theory that once this tiny foreign object is removed that all the pain in my back will magically go away.  I disagree, but that would be pretty cool.

Prayers are welcome today. Thanks friends.

7:00pm So I had my procedure today and it went well. My dad took me to the doctor and helped keep me laughing up until the procedure so I couldn't stress too much.  The staff at Sierra Skin Institute was very kind and they took good care of me.  They numbed my skin and then punched out an 8mm cylinder (about the size of a new eraser on a pencil).  When the numbing stuff wore off it started to be very painful, but at least it's over. It took four stitches and I have 1-2 weeks until I know the results of my biopsy from the lab.  Thanks for the prayers.

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