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September 21, 2011

Friendship is Important

Photo courtesy of my dear friend
My good days seem to be few and far between lately.  I will have a good hour or a good afternoon, but overall I haven't had very many really good days.  The day/night this picture is from is one for me to remember and compare how my body is doing.

*I had very little nausea, controlled almost completely by zofran.
*I had energy to laugh and help my husband prepare a delicious BBQ feast.
*I showered, straightened my hair, and even put on make-up (this takes so much energy!).
*I stayed up late laughing into the night enjoying the summer weather with a fire pit and great friends.
*I played a funny game and I think Alex and I even won!   It was a super fun night of catching up with the Johnson's who were in town from Kentucky and the Halls and Hilderbrands who we don't see nearly enough!
*I rejoice in the good times and am so thankful I could share an excellent day with such special friends.  *I love you all <3

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