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September 3, 2011

Infrared Saunas Are Great for Lyme!

Yesterday I had an adventure to say the least!  I have been reading and researching the benefits of Infrared Saunas for treating Lyme disease.  I wanted to try one a few times before I invest a nice chunk of change on this large device.  I had a very difficult time finding one, but finally found an reverse aging clinic that offered saunas in northern Nevada.  I knew going into this place that it was going to be a little "woo woo" meaning natural-path type healing and I may be skeptical as to if it will work.  My good friend Harmony agreed to take me on our Friday Friend-sitting day so off we went.  This clinic that I found had the saunas and had other equipment that you could use too for the one day price.

When we walked in we were expecting to be greeted by someone very calm and see everyone in the "spa" walking around in white robes.  This was not what we experienced.  A very nice woman greeted us, told us to drop our bags on the floor and take a seat in massage chairs.  We hardly got introductions when we plopped down and had our feet on devices that send electrical pulses through our tickled so much and our toes were curling uncontrollably!  It was so funny. Then she introduced us to special tea from the Amazon and alkaline water.  I loved the alkaline water but I couldn't finish my tea...blek!

Next,  we had the opportunity to stand on these devices that had a moving plate that you stand on and it shakes back and forth very fast.  The woman told us this device was like doing ten exercises in one.  As we stand on this vibrating machine every part of my body that is flabby is slapping back and forth...this was hilarious too.  Harmony was able to engage her arms and legs while on the machine.  She did squats and free weights while standing there.  I just stood there and allowed my body to flap while trying to keep my body tight to benefit from the "10 workouts in one invented by NASA". I should mention, neither of us is sore so it probably is not a real workout device.

Then we each took turns laying on a hard mattress with infrared plates over our organs and our feet in a light spinal alignment device.  This machine put me to sleep almost because it was so warm.  Well one of us was laying down the other person was sitting with a belt around our waist.  The claims about this machine are "you can turn on a lightbulb with your negative charges going through your body (we actually could, kinda cool) and it was invented by the man who invented the EKG machine".  On this machine I felt nothing and didn't see any benefit of doing it, but whatever.

By this time we have been at the spa/clinic for about two hours.  We then decided to forego the water massaging bed and head straight to the sauna, after all that's what I came for!  The sauna was fantastic we sat down and set it to the temperature my doctor recommended.  We stayed in for thirty minutes and got an amazing sweat.  I could easily see doing this treatment every day for 30 minutes to an hour followed by a cold shower.  I would really like to invest in one...if anyone else wants to use one and wants to share the cost that would be awesome! Hint hint**

Overall, we probably won't be going back to this particular clinic because it was too woo woo for my preferences.  I would say the day was beneficial because I loved the sauna and we certainly laughed a lot!

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