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September 15, 2011

My Compilation of Lyme Friendly Products

With a diagnosis of Lyme disease comes so many bizarre and strange symptoms that I couldn't even make up if I tried.  When a new symptom comes on I troubleshoot a lot to get it to go away.  The last thing I ever want to do is check myself into the ER and have the staff there fight with me about my Lyme disease treatment (For those of you who don't know, Lyme disease is controversial in the medical community. I recommend watching "Under Our Skin" if you are interested in learning more). I thought I would compile the products I have grown very fond of over the last year.

1. Alka-seltzer GOLD is magic for heartburn or stomach problems.  Regular alka-seltzer did nothing for me, but the GOLD made it magical in helping my symptoms.  My pharmacy did have to special order it, but the pharmacist was so great and even called me when it arrived at the store. It is an over the counter medicine and pretty cheap.

2. Coke. I am not a soda fan, but I have found on top of my zophran and all the other nausea medicines, this dark soda works to help me with the over drive of nausea about 7/10 times. I go to McDonald's and for $1 I get the largest soda they have!  It costs me a lot in calories, but I am able to get through the day usually if I have a fountain Coke.  (P.S. cans or bottles of Coke do not help me...something to consider for yourself...also, this is not a lasting solution for me and over time I cut it out of my life for a while and then try it again. When it works, it works well and when it doesn't, well it is a waste of empty calories.)

3. Castor oil. Castor oil is used in castor oil packs, which are flannel soaked in the oil applied over liver or kidneys, covered with plastic and topped with a heating pad for about an hour.  This helps the organs detox, which is important when there are so many drugs going through someones body.

4. Organic Coffee Enema. Yes, this one is gross, but oh my heck does it work!  First, buy disposable enema bags, I had to order them on the internet.  Once each week I brew about six cups organic coffee, let it sit out to cool it off to room temperature. Pour it into the enema bag...then start the enema.  You can research more details about it online. There are plenty of tutorials for this process. I recommend making your bathroom floor as comfortable as possible with a few towels.

5.  Epsom salts in bath water. These are general detox for the body.  Dump some epsom salts in bath water or shower water if you let the bath tub fill up a bit.  Let your feet soak.  This is one of those things that I'm not quite sure how it works, but it's cheap and can't hurt.

6. Calm powder. I have had some heart palpitations and anxiety over my treatment and I found a lot of success drinking this.  I happen to love the taste of the raspberry-lemon!  It tastes good hot or cold with ice. It has a lot of magnesium in it that is beneficial for a depleted body.  It's fine to drink on a daily basis too. Mmmm...I'm craving some now.

7. Oxy-powder. I have a few friends who are detox junkies and I guarantee you this is the best detox ever.  Forget all the grocery store detox products, this one regulates chronic bowel irregularity, cleans out the colon, and in the process most people lose weight.  This product uses bursts of oxygen to clean out the digestion track. Make sure the week you start this product, you are close to a bathroom and fairly mellow!

8. Hydrogen peroxide in bath water. I recently started doing this one when I have huge sweats from detoxing.  It is supposed to kill off anything that seeps out of the pores (parasites or whatever) because they can not survive in H2O2.  Again, I'm not totally sure if this one works, but it's cheap and doesn't hurt anything. I have learned that I can't do this one frequently because it dries out my skin really bad.

Added November 2012 when I found a new product to add to my favorite things for Lymies**:
9. The amazing Spoonk mat! It is a stress reliever and muscle relaxer along with many other things.  As a Lymie I am no stranger to stress, muscle tension and anxiety. I also could benefit from being energized and rebalanced when I get easily overwhelmed.  All these things can be helped by one brightly colored mat that can be used any time of the day for any duration of time and it takes no effort except unrolling it and laying down or placing it behind you! The mat uses the same theory as accupressure by stimulate nerve endings and stimulate blood flow.  It takes a little getting used to and I learned I have to commit to a position and not toss or turn or adjust once I'm on it.  It has over 6,000 white sharp stimulation points on it, and guess what, it's amazing! This is coming from me, with the uber sensitive back who at one point couldn't put a shirt on because it caused too much pain!  I have been so happy with my Spoonk mat and I am certain you will find it helps you in many ways as well.  Oh, and I'm not the only one in my house who loves it, my husband has been caught sneaking it to try it out! He loves it too and is definitely is a fan.  Check it out at It was featured on Dr. Oz and sells on Amazon for $40 - $70 depending on the color and size.  They make a travel size as well to take in the car or whatever. It's very versatile and I think everyone needs one. It's become my go-to for almost any ailment or stressful situation. All this to say I give my Lymie stamp of approval on the Spoonk!

PS I am not a doctor or health expert. I am also not being compensated to endorse these products. Please make your own health decisions and consult your doctor before adding any new medicines, supplements or products to your health regiment. I am just a Lymie who has done some research for my own body and wants to share what worked for me :)

**I was promised a free travel size Spoonk mat for reviewing the standard size Spoonk mat, which I purchased, but I would have added it to this list with or without the incentive :)

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