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September 4, 2011

Ten Months of Treatment

The last ten months have been extremely hard on my body.  I have followed my treatment by not doing any cardio, eating as healthy as I can despite feeling nauseas nearly every day, giving up drinking any alcohol, cut back on my coffee intake, and didn't let my body get tired by resting often and for long periods of time.  I feel like I have given it all I can.  Recently, a fire was ignited under me to kick this disease with more gusto then before.  I've committed to two lymphatic massages each week, weekly counseling, infrared saunas multiple days each week while maintaining my intricate medication regiment.

I keep thinking about how I have been off work since last November.  I feel like I have worked harder this past year than I ever did in school or in work.  Fighting a disease is stinkin' hard work!

I know battling these bugs will be worth it one day.  I want to have children one day and have the health and enough energy to keep up with my munchkins.  It is so exciting to watch some of my closest friends be pregnant and prepare to be moms, but part of me cannot help but be jealous.  I want to be in that place in my life.  Unfortunately, God has another plan for my life right now.  I am learning to be patient.  One things for sure, this disease does not define me, it does not have control over my life, and I will come out the other side!

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  1. Yes you will :)I cannot wait for the day when you're prego and we can praise God that that will eventually be an option for you. Plus... kids are overrated any ways :)

    I love you and you're one of the strongest women I know! Can't wait to see you.

    p.s. I think you should put that you conquered lyme disease on your resume :)