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October 19, 2011

Pushing Through Today So I Can Enjoy Tomorrow

Before I got my diagnosis, and I was extremely fatigued laying in bed I often thought about how scared I was.  I would lay there thinking "I need to figure out what's wrong with me or else this will be my life.  I will be confined to a bed, unable to care for myself, unable to walk, crippled and debilitated."  I could easily see my body digressing into a miserable state with very little quality of life.  I am so grateful I have a diagnosis.  Since my diagnosis I have spent so many days in bed, but I know if I push through today I will eventually come out the other side - a whole new human.  Oh I cannot wait to live my life without frickin' Lyme disease and it's accompanying co-infections!  

Here are the things on my Bucket List (in no particular order):

1. Wade in a cranberry bog (like the people on the OceanSpray commercial)
2. Spend a night in Safari West 
3. Swim with whale sharks with my dad and anyone else who wants to come - the day I am done with treatment is the day we book this trip! 
4. Be an extra in a movie
5. Get pregnant with a healthy, Lyme free baby (yes, I strongly believe that Lyme can be passed in utero.)
6. Repel down a waterfall
7. Go on a mission to provide medical care in Peru or some other country
8. Attend a game at World Cup
9. Learn how to use an espresso machine and make my own delicious lattes
10. Learn how to make jewelry 
11. Learn how to do a mosaic
12. Go white water rafting
13. Train to be in a Disney half marathon
14. Finish my BA degree
15. Zumba - I can't wait until I am allowed to do cardio...this looks like SO much fun!
16. Ride a horse (I rode as a kid, but I'd love to as an adult)
17. Get a tattoo symbolizing this obstacle in my life
18. Be an audience member on for a tv show
19. Go to a drive-in movie theater
20. Go whale watching and actually see a whale (it only took 3 or 4 tries!)
21. Fly first-class
22. Learn to blow glass

I have been sick my entire adult life.  I really don't know how to enjoy and live life to the full potential.  I can not wait to be a new human.  I will have so much energy that nothing will stand in my way.  Today sucks, like it literally is one of the worst days ever.  For the first time in my treatment, I am in excruciating pain all over my body.  The worst is the pain on the bottom of my feet - I can barely walk and the pain in my head/neck. So as I push through the awfulness of today I give thanks to God that I have a diagnosis and hope to enjoy the rest of my life.


  1. I love you, first off! While you lay in bed, I am working on building my business so I can fly us first class to go swim with shark/whales and repel down a waterfall! :) Then we can ride horses from the waterfall to the Ellen show where we will sit in the audience then be part of her show (knocking two things off the list). We will end back in Reno and or Idaho for the drive in theater.
    Here is a little homework until then :)

    Love you... Today is just the preparation for tomorrow! Enjoy the little you can. Love you!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Your life sounds much like mine.. except Im a little older, and have kids and grand kids.
    I was diagnosed with chronic intracellular Lyme Disease and Babesia Infection in Dec of 2010 after getting sicker and sicker over many many years.
    I like the bucket list idea.. may give us something to look forward too.. thanks for posting your blog!
    Healing hugs my sister in lyme..

  3. I think you can now check off riding a horse too. Great list.