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November 30, 2011

All I Want For Christmas is...My Lymph System to Empty

I recently saw my specialist in the Bay Area and was relieved with what he said.  He told me I was making good progress and had only one big thing holding me back, my lymphatic system. He told me my lymphatic system is completely congested and I need to work on emptying it...if I can clear it out I will be feeling much better.  I was so happy to hear this and left the appointment with a few things to do on my part.

1. Start stretching/exercising every day, but don't let my heart rate exceed a certain number to avoid the Lyme from crossing blood brain barrier.

2. Take all sorts of new homeopathic meds to help clean out my system

3. Continue infrared sauna (Did I tell you I own one now, I'm using it every other day pretty consistently)

4. Start dry brushing again

5. Change my diet..."if it's white it ain't right" this includes sugar, white flour, basically everything processed.

6. Continue with lymphatic massages

7. Continue drinking lots of water and doing IV hydration

8. Continue with coffee enemas / start colonics

I learned that my lymph system carries out a lot waste my body processes, and with all the drugs I've been on and bugs I've been fighting there is a lot that has been filtered through.  If I can get it to empty from my body I should drop some weight, but more importantly I should have way more energy! With enthusiasm to help my body shed all this crap, I took my measurements all over my body and wrote down my weight when I got home from my appointment and started implementing these changes.  It's been almost two weeks and so far I have noticed no progress.  I've done pretty good on all aspects of the new "protocol" except I am waiting for my heart monitor the be here today to start exercising better because I am scared to death to let the Lyme into my brain. But even cutting out 90% of processed food and sugar over the last week I have gained weight!  Ugh! My doctor assured me I had not gained much fat during this past year, but that it is mostly due to my completely full (think of a full sponge) lymph system. Needless to say I am discouraged, but I will carry on.

All I want for Christmas is my lymph to empty!  Never thought you'd hear that one, huh?!?

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