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January 15, 2012

Anxiety - The Worst Feeling Ever! I Need Some Puppy Love!

Today I have so much anxiety...why? I have no clue. I had a nice night, nothing anxiety provoking really but all I know is I really, really want my puppy to be back by my side.  A while back we had a situation occur which led to us finding our dog Ghost a new home and placing Diego with a foster home.  Ghost's new home is with Justin's sister and he is doing so well and Diego's new (temporary) home is with some distant family members (who are angels)!  Diego is helping their other dog be more active while I heal get better from my sickness.  I wish I could just be better, be living independently with my husband and my dog. That is my dream right now.

Anxiety is a feeling of no control over anything. I am so on edge and easy to cry.  I am easily frustrated and it is just miserable.  I get pressure in my chest and nothing I do makes me feel better.  Fortunately, I do have medication that helps to calm down the anxiety, but being the genius I am, I forgot it in Minden when I stayed the night in Reno last night. So today, I am living my life on the edge, literally. Ugh.

I know that animals bring a sense of calmness and are excellent companions which is what I miss most about my Diego.  I cannot wait until later this afternoon when I pick him up and get to keep him with me for a few days!  I am so excited! I am hopeful for my independence to come one day soon so I can get Diego back and get back to living my healthy life.

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  1. Anxiety is a hard disease to have and on top of everything else that you have I can't imagine it.

    You are such a strong person Elizabeth and the day you can have Diego by your side forever again will be a joyous occasion.