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February 24, 2012

Pulling the Cord and Hoping the Parachute Saves Me

Well I have a lot of changes going on right now. Justin and I have decided it is the right time to move out of my parents house and move into a place on our own.  Fortunately, we have Justin's parents living in the same complex as us so I will still have extra people around when needed.  Our new place is in downtown Reno and we are SO exciting that I am feeling confident in my health to make this move.  It is a scary but exciting time.  Here are all the changes going on with me right now. Please pray that this transition is a positive and healthy one.

1. New daily IV antibiotic treatment(today)
2. IV nutrients (in the next few days)
3. Moving (today through the if anyone wants to help we could use it!)
4. Still adjusting to my port
5. Getting Diego back!! I'm a full time doggy mom again to him :)
6. Starting Ayurveda treatment to compliment my current treatment
7. Preparing way more of my own meals and keeping our new place clean...with more independence comes more responsibility
8. Finding a new small group
9. Starting exercise at the gym in my building

Any one of these handful of changes could have caused a tailspin in the past, but I am very positive to embrace it all at one time and do my best.  I have jumped out of a plane and am pulling the cord hoping the parachute works.

My attitude is really good and I am excited to be more independent. My good days are good, but my bad days are so bad. I do have some fears about the new IV antibiotic and how I will feel with it. I was reminded last night by my step-sister, Brooke, that even if I face-plant into the earth, I still have a great support to pick me up, dust me off and get me back on my feet.  Also, my husband is the best man on Earth, I mean he's no Jesus, but he is AMAZING. I know with him by my side I will do great.

To my support network, please check in on me often, I love having visitors, help me to embrace all these changes and get used to my new life here in downtown Reno.

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