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April 16, 2012

Late Night Thoughts During My Last Infusion for the Day

I was just getting my last infusion for the night and noticed my adorable pup Diego passed out in his bed.  I tried to sneak up on him to get a picture because he looked so cute, but my IV pole on wheels was too noisy and woke him up.  It's not like I startled him, but instead he looked at me, if looks could kill, I might be dead! I love Diego so much and he has such a fun personality. I love that he greets everyone in his "inner circle" with an offering of his most prized possession.  He will run around the house searching for just the right gift to greet us with and he will continue running around in celebration wagging his curled tail in a little ball bobbing back-and-forth until we say thank you for his gift (a stuffed lime green toy or a slobbery bone).  It takes a while to make it into Diego's inner circle, currently his only members are: me, Justin and both my in-laws who spoil him with cheese every night when we go upstairs to their apartment for dinner.  I find it hilarious that if it is 7:04pm and we haven't headed upstairs yet he will come sit and stare at me with little whines telling me we are late and it's time to go upstairs and see Grandma and Grandpa.

One of my favorite things about Diego is he will only play with toys that are lime green.  Seriously, we have bought other colors and he doesn't care for them.  Not even the $20 Lightning McQueen that I got him for Christmas! He couldn't care less about my expensive toy for him!  He takes really good care of his stuffed green toys and treats them just like a toddler with a blanket or teddy bear...sometimes I swear this dog is part human...or part cat depending on the day.  But most of all, I love that he is my dog. If I am having a rough day and spend it in bed sleeping, Diego will do the same. If I'm energetic and want to go out he is just as excited.  On any given day you can tell what kind of a day I am having by looking at him!

By the way, Lyme Disease awareness month is May (I can't believe it is already almost May)!  I think Diego's love for lime green toys is him showing support for all the Lymies out there! Okay, maybe that's far fetched, it's a cool color, not just the color designated for Lyme awareness. Bottom line, I'm in love with my pup and he brings me so much joy! Notice his dragon/alligator, the current favorite stuffed animal. He has arranged him perfectly in his bed to snuggle with him. Seriously, he did it, not me. This Kodak moment makes me giggle. 

**Correction, after many responses from friends and family I learned that Diego's exclusive club is not so exclusive. His foster parents, Chris and Courtney are in, my sister Molly is in and so is her fiancé Brandon. So now that that's clarified I hope you all feel better being part of his "inner cycle". lol

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