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April 23, 2012

A New Perspective

I had an appointment today with a new specialist.  This specialist works with my Lyme specialist to complement my Lyme treatment and look for how treatment is going on a homeopathic level, not a traditional medicine level.  Back after my diagnosis, November 2010, I choose my Lyme doctor by my family members reading biographies and treatment philosophies of Lyme Literate physicians all over the world.  I chose my doctor and his practice based on his beliefs and treatment protocol. I believe in him and his protocols 100% so this past January 2012 when he told me I wasn't responding like he wanted and he needed to bring in another doctor to help him I was totally okay with that.  I trusted him again and have been trying for many months to get in with his ideal practitioner to help him with my case/treatment.  So today was that appointment!  I have been super anxious, scared, excited....pretty much every emotion because I have so many eggs trusted in this basket.

Justin, my mom, and Janice all accompanied me to the appointment.  Everyone in her practice is super friendly and are so kind.  I was having an extra bad day so she saw me at my lowest low.  She was happy to see me at this low stage because then she would know how much of an improvement I am actually making.  I have four new priorities: fighting Lyme, Bartonella, parasites and a fungus in my gut.  I knew that my body was not getting the nutrients I was putting in it, but I didn't know exactly why.  The fungus is working with the parasites to starve my poor body!  I am so glad she had tests to run to figure that out! The doctor today was so great because when she looked at me she did not look at me with pity...she looked at me with hope.  She treats patients equally sick as me and even sicker.  I am not the sickest patient she's ever treated and lately I have been hearing that a lot from local practitioners (lymphatic massage therapist, colonic hydrotherapist, Ayurveda practitioner, etc)!  She has seen people worse off then me get better! She also told me that she has seen her best successes when I have her with my Lyme specialist working together to cure this disease (so I have the best two people, in her opinion, already taking care of me)!  That was seriously the best thing ever she could have said.

Then, to top it off I asked her my primary goal: "Do you think I will be able to get better enough to safely have a baby?" I winced as I waited for her to answer, anticipating her to say no.  Instead these refreshing words came out, "It will take a while, 1.5 to two years of a lot of hard work, but absolutely, you will be able to have a baby." So my timeline has been adjusted. My treatment continues.  My attitude is refreshed and renewed. I will come out the other side of this disease. There is hope!  A lot of it!

As a nice boost as I was paying and leaving her office another patient came in and someone in my family started up a conversation with her.  It is such a small world because when I was in Disneyland at Christmas time I spoke with her on the phone (Sadly, I do not remember this at all...but Justin does and so did she). She told me how I was so encouraging and gave her the contacts I had for my Lyme disease specialist.  She is doing WAY better and she told me "You saved my life."!  I don't think it counts because I don't remember the conversation, but I know God has me in this place for a reason and all these things are happening on His timeline.  I have done great things that bring glory to Him even if I don't remember them.  This woman was at rock bottom and I gave her education, resources and hope so she could get better.  Since then, her mom and daughter have also been diagnosed with Lyme disease and are doing great with their treatments too.  All in all, I praise Jesus for today. He is where my hope rests. Thank you God for a wonderful, exhausting and expensive day. I trust in you and give all glory to you.

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  1. Praise God indeed...I am so happy to read this about your progress and continuing work...and, to top it off, a baby is the light at the end of the blessed..I love you