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April 9, 2012

What Sent Me to the ER via Ambulance

About a month ago I finally decided I needed to be more proactive about my birth control methods.  My doctors had been very clear with me that the oral pill I was taking was likely ineffective because of all the antibiotics I was on.  I had so many fears of getting pregnant and passing on this disease to my baby or that the baby would be born with three arms because of the high doses of drugs I take.  All in all, it was a disaster waiting to happen.

I am covered under amazing insurance and they have paid for nearly everything...except, because they are Catholic, birth control is something that is not covered and therefore is paid for out of pocket by the patient.  After months and months of praying and research and talking it over with my doctors, friends and family I finally decided I would get the Mirena IUD.  I scheduled an appointment and my local Planned Parenthood and all was well.  The device was a little tricky to be inserted because I have never been pregnant before so my uterus is smaller than they prefer it to be.  It was painful, but it didn't last long. After the procedure, I was sitting up talking with the doctor about care and what to expect...when all of a sudden I started to feel really bad.  My vision was mostly black and the next few minutes I have no memory of.  The doctor who did the procedure was still in the room with me and she laid me back as I had, what she thought, was a seizure.  The entire staff of Planned Parenthood came into the room and were on the phone with 911.  I woke up with many people leaning over me with a lot of panic in their voices.  I wasn't sure what happened but the doctor reassured me I had just had a seizure and the ambulance was on the way. She kept asking, "has this happened to you before?" and my answer was of course "no". I was a little shaken up and pretty confused.  The paramedics arrived fairly quickly and got me out of the clinic and into the rig. As a side note, my friend Fania was with me to get my IUD but she had stepped out to feed her baby in the car.  She told me all the ambulances and firetrucks pulled up and she knew they were there for me! Of course! lol!  So I am being wheeled out by the paramedics who have no idea why I was at planned parenthood, I'm sure they thought I had just had an abortion or something.  That was not the case at all! But to top it off and make this situation even more embarrassing the doctor yelled as I am being wheeled out the door, "Nothing in your vagina for a week!" LOL Thank you for that! *Face turns bright red*

I got into the ambulance and took the 1/4 mile trip to the hospital.  The short ride gave me a medical bill for $944!  As I'm in the ambulance I was talking with all the men and trying to score Justin a job. Anything to distract from the awkward comment from the doctor only moments before.

When I got to the ER the staff was most concerned about my brain and my heart. They did some blood work, EKG, and brain scan with everything turning out normal except I was massively dehydrated!  I pumped in a few bags of fluids and they sent me home in only a couple of hours.  If I haven't told you, I love Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center.  They provide the best care for their patients.  I used to work for them and I just have so much respect for the care they provide to all patients. I don't love going to the hospital as a patient, but if I ever do go, Saint Mary's is the only place I will go.

Oh, as it turns out I did not have a seizure. Instead I had a syncopal episode, basically I passed out.  But, I learned that because the doctor called 911 my insurance should have to pay 100% of the ambulance bill. *Fingers crossed*

I hope I made you laugh. This was such a comedic/scary day. But for all my readers I don't hold anything back! I do have to admit, that I needed time to pass a little bit before I wrote about this instance though. I was so embarrassed, but now I just laugh!

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