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May 17, 2012

Day 2 - Husband and Wife Discuss Cleanse thus far

So I have had very few people who have read my blog and decided to join us on the 30-day challenge.  I'm okay with that, but I'm still going to educate you on how it goes. So far it's just me and Justin completing Day 2 and one anonymous cleanser who is still waiting for her package to arrive so she can start...She did make one valuable point, if you order from you can save $$.  Just a little tip for those of you still interested.

These we notice so far on the Colonix Cleanse:

Me: Way more frequent bowel movements, which is a huge blessing actually. Almost all the meds I am on cause me to be constipated (okay TMI, but there are no pictures so you should be happy). More stomach cramping which is tolerable. Increase in my thirst for water...I seriously can't get enough in me.  This has been a symptom for a long time, but with the cleanse I think it is intensified. One thing I've learned about my body is it has a hard time absorbing the fluids I consume which is why I do IV hydration as well. The cleanse requires that each person drink 8 full glasses of water each day. A glass of juice or coffee or anything that is not pure water does not count to your 8 full glasses.

Hubby: No change at all for my handsome, athletic and fit man.

Anonymous Cleanser: Hasn't started yet.

Kinda boring overall, but I wanted to keep you in the loop with our cleanse progress.

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Oh, but I do have an interesting fact about me!  This is one of those quirks that I will look back on this time in my life and laugh.

Basically, it starts with a deep LOVE for Starbucks.  I am a Gold Card member and I feel so special carrying it around with me...silly, I know! Every chance I get I will go  into Starbucks and whenever I order anything I will always ask for a Venti Iced Water to go with it.  Back when I was working I would swing through the Starbucks drive-thru and order my signature drink and then head on with my day ready for meetings, education, and anything else that came my way. Justin and I even had a special budget set up for our Starbucks obsession.  The coffeehouse was a necessity in my work day, but since getting sick I only get coffee on very special occasions. :(

To this day I still adore this beverage chain and sometimes I will go inside purely to get my water, but it's free so I usually end up tipping really well. My current obsession that fights perfectly in with my treatment is I stinkin' love their cups! Something about their water and the plastic cup in my hand with that big green straw makes me so happy.  I will use the cup for a few long as I possibly can before I accidentally throw it away or try to think back to when I got the select cup I hold in my hand (if I can't remember, I've been drinking out of it for way to long)!  So I am so excited that earlier this month Startbucks released a Trenta cup!  I have yet to try it out, but my current cup is quite sad and needs to be replaced!  I'm strongly considering upping my order from a Venti Iced Water to a Trenta Iced Water! I know I'm a rebel!  Oh and if you were wondering, this similarly looking cup with thicker plastic and a thicker straw that they sell in the stores is NOT the same in my book.  I prefer the ones pictured above, only with water in them and not tea.

I love that I can add in my various homeopathy medications (usually drops or powders) into the cup and drink it down and then refill it. I constantly do it each day and I am so happy I found a cup that makes all the medicine I take tolerable :)
According to me, this product is not the same as my beloved cup! I am not a fan of this more eco-friendly version! Sorry earth.  At least I recycle my cup multiple times before tossing it out.  

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