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May 22, 2012

I'm supposed to take what? When? Shoot I'm late.

My Lyme diagnosis and treatment has left me with a lot of mental fogginess and forgetfulness.  With new medication changes almost every week I have a lot of room for mistakes which is bad because it will only prolong my treatment.  I had one goal in mind - get in all my medication and do it at the same time everyday.  This has been a goal from day 1, but now being in Reno with less people around all day I needed some additional help because my check-off list wasn't working any longer.  It seemed like everyday I was so frustrated because I couldn't get my medications in at the right time or I would forget them completely.

I searched the internet and found all sorts of medication reminders, like fancy pill dispensers with alarms on them, adult caregivers that are hired to come and take care of you in your home (like preparing meals and reminded you to take your meds and such), but nothing was really offered to help me remember when to take my pills or infusions. Once I remember, I can administer all the different medications without any problems.

In addition to medication reminders I also needed reminders for when I needed to eat.  I found a subscription service called  I think it was created to help college students not miss class or business people who travel a lot. But nonetheless, I love this program! It is worth every sent of the subscription to help me take my medicine on time.  I am most excited about the customization I can setup on their website.  The site gives me the option of a reminder call/text or a wake up call.  The reminder feature will either call your designated phone one time and leave a message saying what you need to do at the time.  The wake-up calls are great too because they will continue to call until the phone is answered.  This is great for me for my midnight medications or my 2pm meds because I am often asleep at that time.  I can go online and edit the times I want to receive a reminder or wake-up call.  Seriously, this is awesome.  I'm pretty sure Snoozester wasn't designed to help people with medication reminders, but it is working great and I highly recommend this service if you have a hard time remembering what you need to take or what you need to do at continuous intervals. Oh and my favorite feature of all is when you get a wake up call or a reminder phone call it's always from a different character!  They are funny and make waking up easier!

Once again, I was not paid by anyone or compensated in anyway to tell you about the tool I use for my medication reminders.  I simply wanted to share my wonderful find and save you some time and effort. Give snoozester a try with their free trial. 

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  1. Lol. Check out my pill app. :)