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May 1, 2012

Learning the Truths About Store Bought Almond Milk

After my big appointment last Monday, one of the big things I walked away with is the almond milk I am consuming to add protein to my depleted really not doing what I thought.  Store bought almond milk, even from the best stores, is still basically sugar water.  There is fake vitamin D added to the almond milk that is bad for the body to digest.  I took the term "sugar water" and did a little research at the store..  I found I could mostly pronounce all of the ingredients, but the list of ingredients of something so "pure and healthy" was fairly lengthy and not so pure or healthy.  There were a lot of preservatives and not a lot of benefits...except convenience.  So I started making my own almond milk which isn't super-inconvenient now that I have all the tools to make multiple batches without going to the store again.  I will try to include pictures when I make in again in the next couple of day.  So learn from me...if you think you are doing your body a good thing by buying almond really aren't, although there are much worse options you could be choosing.  Soy is not a good alternative anymore either.  So learn something new everyday!  If you are interested in making your own almost milk it is cheaper and better for your body than any of the store bought options.

Click here for a recipe to make your own almond milk ;)

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