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May 24, 2012

New Way to Lose Weight and an Update On Our Cleansing

This morning I got a call from my home care nurse (seriously she and her entire team are amazing...I know because I used to work for them!) and I was right, I have a UTI.  Three-cheers for knowing my body!  Lol!  So my primary care doctor ordered me some antibiotics to hopefully help that infection go away.  I am not a stranger to the UTI because it makes me anxious and uncomfortable all the time so when that feeling returned, I had a sneaking suspicion.

With all this stool talk I thought I'd lighted the load.  Ha ha what am I, a 7 year old boy!?!
Then I had to boogy my way down to a place in West Reno to get my every two week colonic.  I really liked the set-up and the woman, Nadine was super kind.  It's an open-gravity colonic so it's kinda personal, like getting a PAP and the obgyn, but slightly more dignity than that.  The way she works, is she has you drink two different nasty drinks 5+ each in the 24 hours before you come.  I have already had a hard time eating enough meals each day and getting in my proper nutrients, so I really struggled with this.  I sorta paused my 30 day cleanse to do this 1.5 day cleanse for my colonic, just so I could feel someone normal. (Oh, if you decide you want to see her you should call her and get all the components of the drink she will have to do 24 hours before your colonic and it all costs about $70)

The colonic was great.  I have had multiple colonics in the past and this was by far the most comfortable. I was super relaxed and I know I had stuff come out of me that had been in there a long time.  I have no doubt that if you are looking for a "real cleanse" and have a little money to spare you could absolutely lose weight by letting your body detox and doing multiple sessions in a row.  If you are interested in seeing Nadine at her office and make sure you tell her I sent you.  You could be a brand new person for ($70 for the drink mixes, $75 for each colonic--you will likely need 5 or so) So I guess under $500 and you could be a skinnier, detoxified more healthy you!

She really emphasized that our digestive tract is where all health lies. This is the same in Chinese medicine and various other schools of thought. Many people who have done proper colonics (the way she does them) can get rid of diseases entirely and loose excess weight that has stayed on for no reason.

I had a little bit of a disagreement with her, because I don't think she understands how fragile my body is. I'm being beat to a pulp (by choice and under the watchful eye of two excellent specialist) and my body is unable to handle what a "normal" person could handle.  I can't even do a raw diet or juicing because my belly is so fragile! She really wanted to see me multiple days in a row, but that just isn't feasible for me.  After my one colonic and only getting in 5 drinks total, instead of the 10 minimum (2 of each type) she was skeptical if I would produce any results.  Well, let me tell you, I surprised her! She was able to identify heavy metals that came out...I was really looking for a parasite or ten, but didn't see any. I even plugged her machine, which she was shocked about.  It was a simple fix and no big deal. I did have really good results considering I had so few drinks in me, but I felt overly detoxed.  Typically she likes to do multiple sessions back to back and keep the body fasting or eating soft this entire time.  I am already struggling to get the nutrients I need to get all my pills for this big commitment I think it will have to be when my medication regiment load lightens and I get a little strong.
The comfortable colonic machine I used

Her belief is that you can not overly detox yourself, but I have learned over the past year and a half that, yes, I can over detox myself and it costs me a lot of time and energy to return to a more normal state.  All, in all, I will absolutely go back to Nadine, but it will only be for my prescribed one time every two weeks.  For those of you that are relatively healthy, and want to find a great way to feel better, check out Nadine and what she offers.  She is so kind and caring and wants to see everyone get better.  I think my interactions with her will be slower and much drawn out even though I understand her thinking with clearing out the digestive tract completely before any health can occur.

I understand that cleansing the colon fully is essential for optimal health, but I also know that my poor body is really fragile and can only handle so much at a time!  So I am trusting my body, I know it better than anyone.  Here is a picture of the "Cadillac" of all colonic machines.  I promised you no nasty pictures during my cleanse, but her website does feature some of "what came out" from various clients.

So my husband is still on his cleanse and going strong...I don't think he has missed a dose yet. I think his cleanse is relatively mild because he hasn't mentioned much.

As far as our anonymous cleanser, she said "I can't believe I still have stuff coming out of me!"  Poor anonymous cleanser, sounds like her body really needed to get rid of a lot of junk.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this was our one and only big outing on his birthday! I cried an hugged him and said I am so sorry this illness has turned me into doing disgusting things...I want to be a good wife for you, especially on your birthday!  He grinned and said, "It's okay, my birthday's not a big deal and we are in this for the long haul". I really did marry an amazing man.

Once again, I have received no benefits by writing about my experiences from today. I am not a doctor and I highly recommend you consult with your physician before starting anything new.  

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