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May 15, 2012

Starting Our 30 Day Cleanse - Who's in?!?

So remember a couple of weeks ago I had my appointment with the new specialist who is going to help my regular Lyme specialist with my of the biggest things I learned from that appointment is I have been doing all this parasite and worm killing and there is a high probability that Justin is also carrying the parasites and passing them back to me.  Oops!  So she told us that we need to do a cleanse together to help "flush out" this problem.  She recommended an over the counter product called Dr. Natura's Colonix in addition to some other things for me to do individually.  We are both starting the cleanse tomorrow and will end in 30 days (June 14th if I counted correctly).  Right now the internet is advertising programs for a "spring cleaning" of your we are right on target with the latest trend! Aren't we the coolest? lol. I thought I would blog about our cleanses and share how it goes. I suspect I will have a much harder time with it because my body is pretty weak to begin with and my digestive system is already overly taxed. It will be interesting to see how my totally healthy and athletic husband does on the exact same cleanse as me!
According to what I've researched this is the best cleanse on the market and is gentle enough for anyone to use.  I recommend purchasing the entire kit because it gives you exactly what you need for the 30 days. There is no guessing if you have enough pills or powder...the kit is exactly what you need.  I made a spreadsheet for Justin and myself to mark off and make sure we got in all three steps each day.  Feel free to join us along this journey.  We have this 30-day cleanse to do and then in a couple of months we will do the exact same 30 day cleanse again.  I promise to refrain from posting any pictures of "what came out"...blek!  Dr. Natura's website used to show toilet pictures, but they recently took that feature off which I am so happy about.  I almost lost my lunch the other day when I was ordering the cleanse.  Please feel free (if your doctor is cool with it) to join Justin and me on our 30 day journey.  This cleanse is supposed to detox liver, kidney, colon and parasites. Sweet! Can't wait.  Many people report weight loss too...hoping I'm one of those lucky people.  Also digestive regularity, clearer skin, boost your immune system and feel better overall!  

All the legal mumbo-jumbo that I put whenever I write a post about a certain product I am using...No, no one is paying me or compensating me in any way to use this product.  I will be 100% open and honest about how I feel about this product. I am not a doctor, but I do recommend you talk to your doctor before trying any cleanse regiment, including this one.  I am a patient who has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, bartonella, parasites and fungus in my gut and this is one of the tools my doctor is having me use to help these problems. (Please insert here anything else that I should have said to save me from any legal issues. lol. But seriously.)

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