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May 30, 2012

They're Melting!

I am on round two of taking this awful medication for killing parasites.  The name of the medication, Vermox, sounds like an evil character in a movie. I feel like it needs an evil laugh to go with it! I take it twice each day for three days and then give my body a break for 10 days.  I'm convinced this medication is playing the villain inside of me because it is really rough on my stomach. On the plus side, I feel like parasites that don't belong inside of me are dying! So that's exciting.  Here is a quick video clip what I imagine is happening to the parasites every time I take the Vermox. I keep thinking of all the parts in this clip that I can relate to my theory, but then I feel like when I was back in high school or college writing and assignment for English and drawing all of these conclusions that were completely far-fetched and basically BS.

So the Vermox is awful and leaves me with three miserable days of stomach cramping, extra nausea on-top of my regular nausea. This diagram made me laugh, please excuse the profanity, but seriously, just be glad I didn't get into all the symbolism crap that's been cycling around in my head!

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