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May 20, 2012

TWLOHA Came to My Home Town!

I have been writing and talking for a while about how excited I am for the national organization, To Write Love On Her Arms, to come to Minden, NV!  Self-admittedly, the non-profit organization has a strange name and is kinda hard for people to understand.  With that aside, this is am AMAZING organization who bring hope to those of us who struggle with depression and even focus on suicide and self-harm, and always try to point people to resources that will help them.  I have struggled with depression for a long time...I think it goes back to not being diagnosed with Lyme for so long and having the feeling of not fitting in with my peers because I was so exhausted and so down.  Getting my Lyme diagnosis did not make my depression go away, but it helped me to understand the source of it.

My baby sister is a senior in high school and coordinated the event for TWLOHA to come to Minden.  Don't think of me as a bad sister but I did not know that SHE invited them! Oops! I knew she was part of a club rallying to get them here and I was fully supportive with my money and time to make her dream come true.

The day started off very rough for me with some bad news over the phone. My last blog post was in regards to this phone call.  Then I spent the rest of my day having an anxiety attack, crying, getting in a fender bender with one of my bestest friends and then we ended up at the TWLOHA event!

This event was amazing.  People I knew from elementary, middle and high school all saw my facebook post a few days ago and decided to spend their Friday evening with Jamie Tworkowski, Steven McMorran, the DHS Psychology club, almost my entire family, and 250+ other people who showed up because they care about the mission of TWLOHA.  It was an emotional day to begin with and I left the event feeling even more emotionally spent.  It was a beautiful thing to gather together to bring hope and love to people who struggle with depression, self-injury and suicide.

With the bad news first thing this morning, I was at a point I had been many times through my treatment...."no wonder people choose suicide after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. This process is so messy, complicated, expensive and leaves you feeling like there are no other options."  I again had to make the choice to not be a statistic and fight hard to live my battle.  I loved one of the phrases that have become synonymous with "To write love on her arms"...."I AM LIVING A STORY. I WILL NOT GIVE UP."  This is my new mantra and I hope what I've wrote about today will inspire you to find a mantra for your life. Say it often and say it proud <3

That one phrase reminded me that my story is not how I planned it out. I have so many people who are graduating, getting married, having babies, starting careers, buying houses, and traveling all around the world.  I feel like my friends and family are "beating" at life.  It sounds silly now that I put words to my feelings, but it is true.  Well, even though my story is not how I planned it, it is still my story and a beautiful one at that.  I have learned what a devoted and loyal husband I have, how to cherish the little things in life, I have some of the best friends in the world, and I am building lasting relationships with the women in my community group (Bible study).  God's plan for me is bigger than the plan I had for myself. I know that I am loved and forgiven by my creator and in the end this will all be ok. I also learned that all my parents and in-laws are behind me beating Lyme disease 100% no matter what it takes!  I come from a wonderful, large and exciting family who understands when I need to take a two hour nap in the middle of a party or to tell me to stay out of the house because onions are being cut so I don't barf my brains out! Now that is love!

Here are the tweets from Amy, Steven McMorran and Jamie Tworkowski regarding the TWLOHA event.  It simply was amazing and I am so proud of my baby sister. I can't wait to see what else she can accomplish in her life. There were so many other tweets and fb postings, but I picked just a few to share ;)

Here is Jamie Tworkowski, who started TWLOHA, standing with my baby sister Amy being big goof-balls :D

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