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June 24, 2012

Reno Is Artown...Love the Art Movement

I live in a pretty cool city that has embraced art in a really cool way.  And now that I am living downtown I get to be part of it all whenever I feel well enough to get outside! I think the city of Reno admired San Francisco's approach to adding art to the city and wanted to do the same thing - only they have made a huge summer long event out of it.  If you are unfamiliar with San Francisco, they hired graffiti artists to cover over tagging and unpleasant looking tags that covered the city with beautiful murals on buildings.  Instead of trying to paint over it or scrub it away the city hired artists to transform the city.  It really added beauty to the city and Reno has done this a lot too.  

I don't know why or when Reno decided to bring in Artown, but I do remember some of the past projects and I am so excited to see what will come out this year. One art project I remember was someone decorated downtown with miscellaneous pianos (like 20 of them) painted in fun colors for anyone to play.  They were placed in random places, like on street corners inspiring anyone and everyone to play and produce music.  Another project I remember from past years is another artist chose to knit sweaters for trees.  It was silly seeing these beautiful trees wearing sweaters on their trunks, especially in the summer.  Artown runs all summer I think and it is so fun to see what people do each year.  Well this year, someone has this community project up on the side of a fence.  I was on a lovely walk with my friend downtown and we stumbled upon an early arrival art piece! When I saw it I was stoked to participate!  I picked my color of chalk, lime green seemed appropriate.

Of course, with all community art projects some people write profanities and tag the art and kinda spoil it for everyone, but I guess it is a community art project and anything goes.  I love that over time everyones responses will be erased and re-written by others so it is a living and breathing piece of art. 

"Before I die I want to will beat Lyme".  Thank you to whoever created this art project.  You are helping me heal and encouraging me to live my life beyond Lyme.

Check out everything coming up soon: and be part of the Artown!

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