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June 19, 2012

SUPERMOM! With corrections~

I have an amazing support system helping me fighting conquering Lyme disease and I have written about it/them a couple of times. Sometimes I highlight a few people saying how great they truly are...but I haven't written a post dedicated to my real life SuperMom.  I wish I could show you her true superpowers of using coffee to make someone (usually me) smile and the power of her contagious laughter is the best. I'm pretty lucky to have this wonderful woman in my life.  Today, after a lot of stressing and money literally being swiped out of my bank account as I went from appointment to appointment stressing about not having insurance mom came through and conquered all battles!
My horrible attempt at the new Wonder Woman!

She organized everything, called a million people and accompanied me to my doctors appointment. She is amazing.  She can calm down anxious people (okay me) and bring them (me) back to earth in a five minute phone call, she can dominate as a social worker, and if you have someone in your life who is near death there is no one better to contact to answer your questions and calm your fears.  She is so good at running the "worst case scenario" and almost anything can be fixed over a meeting at Starbucks.  She will whip out her Gold Starbucks Card which always make my day all better. So here's to you my SuperMom! You really are a WONDERful WOMAN! I made you into two superheros to make you laugh - to dry up your tears that I am pretty sure me writing about you produced.  Neither quite look like my mom, but it's the best I could do today.  And yes, my mom does have a nice rack :) Thank you for all you do, seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mom.  You rock.

PS-I have a lot of superheros helping me through this battle, but today Mom really pulled out her A-game and deserves some recognition!

**Added a few hours mom did deserve the huge recognition I gave her today!  But, I misunderstood, my battle with insurance is not over, but we have logical and helpful action steps to take from here.  My mom managed to speak to the woman who denied me in the first place and she got a full understanding of what the insurance will need in order to move forward and cover my treatment under their guidelines.  Thanks mom, you still rock ;)

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