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June 23, 2012

Update & Understanding My Port

A couple of posts ago I detailed all the scary stuff I had going on with my body.  I'd like the report I am coming out of the woods on most of those things.  No, that strange bump on my port has not gone away, moved, grown, or decreased in size :( I did learn that if it is a bloodclot it wouldn't do anything life-threatening.  I've been icing it and taking pain medicine, and just trying to move on.  The doctor ordered an X-ray and everything looks normal so it must be scar tissue building around it. Best thing is, I am able to still get all my IV medicine in still, so as long as my port is working and their are no signs of infection I am doing good with regards to the bizarre bump and I won't need to have surgery to replace it.

I also have happy news today! I finish one of my IV antibiotics called Ampacillian last week and I started my new IV antibiotic yesterday.  I mastered another antibiotic and am moving forward in my treatment. I feel like I won a video game or something. It doesn't really matter except I get to go to the next level, which makes me happy.  I am one step closer (hopefully) to being done with this battle.  No, I still don't know WHEN I will be done...I only know that I'm making progress.  I had a really good doctors appointment a few days ago too and can report that my body is responding well to the naturopathic treatment I started.  If I haven't clarified, I now am seeing two specialists for my Lyme disease, one that uses primarily Western medicine, and one that uses primarily Chinese medicine. Which is awesome because I get the best of both worlds and they complement each other really well :D

For no reason, that I can identify, my shaking has dropped significantly.  I am almost wanting to say I am not struggling with the shaking because that would be a lie, but whatever was causing it is no longer an issue.  Honestly, I think it was a parasite die-off reaction due to the full moon. (If you just read that sentence and think I'm off my rocker, it's so strange but so true.)  When it's a full moon parasites basically have sex orgy parties in my body and I am on strong parasite killers. So I imagine them getting their groove thing on and then dying from my parasite poison medicine! Buwahahaha!

My kidney pain is WAY better and my oral antibiotics took care of the minor infection that climbed up into my kidneys.

I've shown pictures of my picc-line and of my port and now I am showing you what my port looks like without being accessed (meaning there is no needle probing into to purple power port that was surgically placed into my pectoral muscle). But seriously as I look at these pictures I keep thinking about Chandler, from FRIENDS, and his third nipple, I mean 'nubbin'. LOL.

Here's a diagram of the power-port with the huber needle to better explain.  The needle I use is 3/4'' and goes straight into the port then the butterfly wings sit on my skin.  When I am not accessed by the needle and my small hole heals I am free to go swimming or do anything (except get IV medicine) because I have no open areas that could get infected.

Incline Village Private Beach
Oh, and just so I have proof that I have been getting out and enjoying the sun and fresh air here are two pictures of me and my foot/feet!  I have been told I need to spend a minimum of 10 minutes every day outside-it is hard to drag myself out of bed when I feel crappy, but it's summer and I love being outside even if it's for a few minutes!

Poolside at my condo
As a side note, I am learning how important it is for my body to get energy from the earth and I was just introduced to the idea of 'earthing'.  I don't really understand it but from what I know it is using the earths natural state to connect to the bodies natural state and the stronger one gives of healing energy so by being in natural places I am helping my body to heal....? I think. I'm going with it for now. But it is kinda hard to get sunshine for energy, but be extra cautious of getting sunburnt because my antibiotics make my skin much more delicate. Anyway, that's what my understanding is right now...we will see what changes as summer progresses and I learn more.

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