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July 11, 2012

4 Years With the Love of My Life

Today is my four year wedding anniversary.  Justin and I aren't really celebrating today because I had three doctors appointments and Justin is working late tonight. But, it's totally okay. Our wedding was wonderful, the memories make me smile and Justin got me an orchid today which was so thoughtful because at our wedding we had orchids everywhere and they are a beautiful reminder of my Grandma Patty.

Last year on my wedding anniversary, I wrote a well-worded blog about being married to Justin and how he honors his vows everyday.  I honestly considered copying last years post and saving it for this years post! Lol...because I just don't know that I can write something as well written today that explains my thoughts on this topic! Click here to read last years post. So here are my thoughts today:

We were reminiscing and laughing earlier that we started dating when we were 14.  We literally have been together for roughly a decade!  After coming to that conclusion we decided two things: A-we are getting old and B-we are a little crazy for falling in love so young.

I can't believe we have had to deal with all the things this illness has brought into our lives over the past four years.  It is unimaginable as newlyweds - probably a worst nightmare to many married people and those who hope to marry in the future.  Sickness is so rough on a marriage.  Caretaker becomes the primary role and all spousal roles that were originally established get all messed up.  I try to clean up after myself, but in all reality Justin is the primary cooker, cleaner, provider, driver, everything-er (he basically does everything and I do what I can when I can to help him).  He often brings me medicine from the pharmacy instead of taking me on dates because I can't always make it out of the house or even my bed! We have learned to enjoy small things, like comical pictures or funny youtube videos instead of movies because I usually fall asleep.  So we have adapted, believe me it is not how we want the rest of our lives to be, but it's manageable for now. The best part of it all is when he looks at me and I can see in his eyes that he still loves me, regardless of not showering in a few days and being uncomfortable in my skin, she still sees through all of that and genuinely loves me for me.  I am one lucky girl.  Who knew I would find someone so wonderful at such a young age!

My family and I have talked so many times.  They didn't really want us to get married so young. They wanted us to graduate first, but we were committed to being married because that's what the Lord was guiding us into. It was hard to understand it at the time, but I look back now and see it was God's perfect plan.  Justin was there when all my symptoms really started to get bad. He was there to advocate for me and help me not feel crazy when all the doctors seemed to think I was.  He was there for me to teach me about what was going on with my body and learning how to give myself a shot or start IV fluids along with so many other things.  My mom refers to Justin now as "he walks on water"- meaning he is perfect. I know Justin doesn't walk on water...and really he is not Jesus, but he is a Godly man and I am so lucky he loves the Lord and loves me!  I'm so proud of Justin sharing his knowledge of Lyme when he works, is at school, or at volunteer fire.  He has had so many conversations with patients about Lyme disease.  He is working right now in the ER taking care of many sick people and even though I miss him, I know his patients are receiving the same quality care he gives to me.

Our first date about a decade ago :)
Happy anniversary, Justin. Thank you for taking care of me, but most of all for loving me through this treatment.  I'm so ready for it to be over so we can fully enjoy our marriage! I love you more than you know. You are wonderful and I honor and respect you always!

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  1. its always inspiring and encouraging to see a healthy marriage.. I cannot wait to see the day when you feel great all the time! I love you both! Congrats!

    Christine Gamez :]