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July 31, 2012

Not for the Squeamish - Found While in Mexico

I recently got back from a relaxing vacation in Cancun, Mexico.  It was wonderful for my body and my motivation to beat Lyme and my co-infections.  I should warn you before you read the rest of my post if you get grossed out easily, this post is not for you. I've got pictures and stories to go with them. This is not for people who are squeamish. So please proceed with caution.

I learned about a really interesting, ok wo wo, approach to healing the body. It's called Earthing.  Basically, it is my understanding that you stand on the earth and try to let the earths energy help my lack of energy.  I could accomplish this task by hugging a tree, standing in the wind, or putting my feet in the ocean, just anywhere I felt I could connect with the Earth.  I went with the ocean alternative. I didn't really feel any energy change but I tried to be open to the idea, especially because it's not going to hurt me in any way. I chose to try earthing this one evening after dinner, when my family took a walk down to the water from our resort. 
My family is super supportive of all the bizarro things I've been told to do to help my body heal.  So on this night of earthing, my sister Molly reminded me of a conversation we had on the airplane to Mexico.

It went something like this:
Molly: "Have you ever talked to your parasites?"
Me: "Um no, why?"
Molly: "I learned from my co-worker that you can tell your parasites to leave and they will. It's like once you acknowledge them and tell them they are not welcome then the body works hard to rid them."
Me: (thinking no way the would EVER work) "Hmm, ok, that is really weird but whatever." .....our conversation continued, but you get the gist of it. 

So while I was trying to Earth, Molly reminded me to talk to my parasites. I was still thinking she was off her rocker, but my family over heard us and started yelling at my parasites.  It was quite a scene. I'm standing on the beach with my feet in the sand with five people around me yelling "Get out!" "It's time to leave!"  My baby sister, Amy, rocks at Spanish so she decided to speak to them in Spanish, in case they changed languages when we changed countries. Lol. I have no idea what she said, but I appreciated the gesture.

The next morning I had a hard time waking up as usual. Eventually, I rolled out of bed to use the restroom and before I flushed I looked in the toilet at my pee and toilet paper. (I've gotten pretty used to this because I can tell if I need to hydrate by the yellowness of my urine. The goal is clear urine.) You wouldn't believe it but there he was a 3-4inch parasite.  I panicked for a minute because I didn't bring down my parasite collecting kit so I did the best I could and emptied a bottle put on some latex gloves and grabbed the sucker from the toilet.  He was so strange looking.  He was brownish and clear with a definite head with antenna looking things. His body reminded me of a jellyfish.  Now my priorities had changed  a little because this is the moment I've been waiting for - to send of my parasite and get it identified so I know what drugs will kill it and all of it's friends. This little guy and his cousins could due responsible for me not improving more quickly in the treatment! I am surely not a fan of reaching my gloved hand into the toilet to collect my specimen. Ew. I still cannot believe yelling at my parasites actually worked.  It had been months since I'd seen one. And I'd never seen one that looked like this.

I've had parasites come out of my body before. I had the scariest one come out early in my treatment. This nasty guy looked thick like a garden worm only it had more swimming abilities.  I saw his dark brown body in the toilet and wasn't sure if I should reach in and grab him or run to get my phone to take a picture.  In all of my panicking and not making up my mind the sucker swam down the toilet! He was still alive! Blek! Better out than in though, right!?!  From that day forward I have never seen anything else like it. I know it wasn't in my toilet already. He came out with my urine and was still alive. I know you are dying to ask, Did it hurt?! It didn't hurt at all, actually I never would have noticed it if I hadn't been used to checking the color of my urine for hydration.

About five months ago I encountered another species of parasites exiting my body and these guys were skinny white, kinda like finger nail clippings but slightly bigger.  I was never able to gather a sample of them because the are masters at hiding.  I did obtain a parasite identification kit for the next time I see any critters so I can collect them and send them off.  It never crossed my mind that it might happen while I was relaxing on vacation.  Well, it just so happens my next time was in Mexico.  My step-mom was so sweet, we exhausted every option to try and mail this sucker in, but Mexico has strict laws about mailing fluids and my parasite would shrivel up if it wasn't in a solution so my only option was to try and bring him home with me and then send him out.  This plan backfired in a bad way. He fully disintegrated and I was really sad because i really wanted to know what it was so I could take the proper medicine to kill him and his offspring.

Fortunately, my parasite story does not stop there.  I have continued to get lymphatic massages during the majority of my treatment.  My Lyme specialist can tell that my lymph system is very congested and his guess was that I had many parasites just waiting around to be exited with the rest of my lymphatic waste.  I think he was right! After seeing my massage lady, I had two more parasites greet me from the toilet and I am happy to say they looked very similar to the one in Mexico! I had my kit and put those suckers in the mail today.  I should get results in a week or two.

One thing that many people don't understand is we consume parasites all day every day in our water and on our fruits and veggies.  You have parasites inside of you right now.  The difference between you and me is your body can fight off the foreign invaders and mine cannot instead I've turned into a breeding ground for these nasty creatures.  I think that's why all of the ones I've seen have been substantial in size.  I can say without fail I have physically seen three different species come out of what else is in there? That's just crazy to think!

Parasites are master hiders and somehow know your thoughts and actions. Like whenever I am asked to do a stool analysis to look for parasites or eggs or anything parasite related my test always come of negative even though I CLEARLY have them coming out of me.  Also, around the full moon parasites have orgy sex parties to reproduce which make me feel super uncomfortable and unable to sleep. It's like I feel the vibration of the music but can't hear it. Tonight is that night. I'm exhausted, but the critters are gettin' jiggy with it, so I just have to tough it out. During the full moon (when I actually sleep at night) my dreams are usually more vivid than any other night in the month and I typically have one night of complete restlessness just before or just after the full moon. That night is tonight and it's annoying.

As promised here are some pictures of my parasites that are now off to Scottsdale, Arizona for identification at the Parasitology Center. There are three pictures but really only two parasites that I gathered for this test.  The both look like the skin or outside layer of a larger intruder, or they could be complete parasites themselves.  They are very airy but I imagine they use their flexible body to fit anywhere and grip onto things in my body...kinda like jelly fish. These were the best pictures I could get, they really are substantial in size, but these pictures don't show that well.  In each picture the unwelcome guest is curled up or scrunched.

Looking down into the specimen bottle. He looks so tiny but is really 2-3 inches.

This shows all of their color a little better, but this one is curled up, I think it's in the fetal position because his life is over now (not sure if he was still alive). This is the larger specimen of the two.

This is just another attempt of showing the first one. 
As a side note, you know you are at a strange place in your life when you are openly posting pictures of what you found in the toilet a few days ago. I am so ready for my treatment to be over, but I know that these stinkin' parasites deprive me of nutrition and can wreck havoc making my treatment less effective. So I will continue telling my body to purge anything that is foreign.  

Note to self: Do not google parasites or any combination of words with parasites. I'm pretty good about bodily fluids and such, but I was trying to find something similar to what I had seen and I just found really nasty pictures. You've been warned. I bet many of you want to look at them now because I told you not to and that makes me laugh.


  1. There's nothing wo wo about grounding or Earthing. We evolved without shoes, and the modern use of plastic and rubber soles prevents the earths energies from reaching us. The earth is a big magnetic field, we are made of earthdust. Connecting is absolutely the right thing to do. How can it not be? This reminds me that I do not do this nearly enough.

  2. Lesley, thank you for teaching me more about Earthing. I did not mean to offend you by saying that Earthing was wo wo, but for me the idea when I heard about it, it was -- just like many other things that have helped me get better like foot zoning, foot detox, castor oil packs, coffee enemas, dry brushing, etc. Up until this diagnosis I was 100% into Western Medicine and had no idea there were other alternatives to health beyond taking prescription medicine, taking my temperature if I didn't feel good, and eating the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet when my stomach was upset. To me all of these new things are foreign, but I see that they work and have incorporated them into my healing.