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August 23, 2012

A Whole New Level of Awesomeness - I wrote a Lymerick

My Limerick, I mean Lymerick, to Vermox and My Treatment

Six pills over three days
To stop these critters in their dirty ways
Stomach cramping makes it hard to sleep
Toxins released causing me to weep
All symptoms increase with my malaise

Love how Vermox was designed to work
Destroying the outer body makes me smirk
No more controlling me and making me sick
Stupid this all stems back to a tick
Delaying my treatment success with overwork

Three diseases (Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella) and parasites invade 
Ingrained in my body this past decade
This treatments a marathon not a race
You critters are not welcome so give me some space
Doing all I can to combat your invade

Can't wait for the future when I will finally play
Excited to live life to the fullest each day
He will have me back as his wife
Able to focus on what we want in real life
Planning to celebrate like a field day

Ready to say goodbye to this hard long battle
And shift my attention to a baby with a rattle
I wish this disease and extra components on no one
Sitting home alone all day is really no fun

Thankful for my LLD (Lyme literate doctor) because he knows best
Then living so close to my Naturopath, I really am blessed
Western and Eastern medical theories complement so well
With all the toxic buildup my body can finally expel
I know this treatment is working because I've finally progressed

I'll take three awful days of stomach cramping
It's a great reminder the invaders are victims of stamping
Parasites dying and shriveling away
I hope they learned their lesson about overstay!
No visible finish-line, but I know it's coming (wish I could end this line [just pretend my poem finishes strong])

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