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August 11, 2012

All the things I want Molly to know the day of her wedding.

The happy couple. 
Today, Molly, one of my sisters is getting married.  She is the one that is two years younger than me and we have the same mom and dad.  She used to annoy the heck out of me growing up but I do have some funny memories from our childhood.  Tonight I am ironically having a hard time sleeping because I'm so nervous I won't get enough sleep to have energy to last me all day. I'm a mess, so I decided to share with you some of the things I have learned to love about Molly.

1. Molly doesn't hold grudges. True story, I pushed her off the top of a slide so I could go down it first. This resulted in a broken arm for her.  Just a few days previous my mom had picked her up and popped out her arm socket which called for another ER trip.  My family always jokes that CPS should have probably come out, but thank God they didn't. The doctor at ER understood our misfortunate timing and knew Molly wasn't being abused on purpose. She doesn't hold it against us at all!

2. Molly was a little trickster.  She could lie like no one else which helped her get away with a lot of crap (of course I got upset every time because I suck at lying). But Mol has a skill with using the guilt-trip and negotiating skills to her advantage. I love when I am on the receiving end...not so much when I'm the one she's bargaining with because I usually lose!

3. She was sneaky. Molly loved candy and one time I found candy wrappers in her pillowcase! Molly was sneaky enough to score some candy when she was little and hid the evidence. I'm sure it was a good month or so before anyone found out her secret hiding spot.

4. Molly had the best imagination and could make friends with anyone in .02 seconds. I was so jealous of her ability to be best friends with anyone anywhere we went. She still does this. If you've met Mol you know what I mean. She likes everyone and knows how to be a good friend. She uses her imagination these days to come up with quirky things in her having giant metal chickens at the wedding. Why? Because it's funny!  What are her programs for the ceremony? Paper airplanes of course! There is nothing traditional about this girl she's creative and fun!

5. Molly has many talents. She could put together a talent show with all her friends with choreographed dances of pure amazingness. I haven't seen any in recent years, but growing up there were hundreds of talent shows where Molly and her friends would put on a great show.

6. Molly is brilliant. Smart doesn't even describe her. Brilliant is much better. I'm pretty sure in the next ten years Molly will be Dr. Molly Bernard....Dr. of psychology, not a doctor you would want to take care of you if you are bleeding or something. Blood, guts and bodily fluids make her so squeamish, but she has improved so much in the last year with my Lyme treatment and taking care of my Granddad before he passed away.

7. She knows how to have a good time...all the time. It's impressive and I love it! I guess this goes back to her fun imagination.

8. She has boundaries and I totally respect that. She doesn't let people walk all over her.

9. She is the best at "I" statements. And she can use it in any conversation completely naturally. She even is teaching little kids this skill now. I feel lucky that my annoying sister has grown and blossomed into one of my best friends. The only downside to this is she will tell you exactly how she is feeling which isn't always what you want to hear, but it's for the best.

10. Molly has road rage. It's hilarious. She knows it too and laughs at herself.

Basically, I love my sister. In 16.5 hours Molly will be a Bernard!  I'm happy she's found someone to love her and spoil her by buying her flowers and other cute things like that. I know Molly and Brandon love each other and I'm excited for her to move up in the alphabet, from Rice to Bernard.  I'm not sure why this is a big deal to me but in school when your name is called now she'll be one of the first instead of on of the last. Their phrase for tomorrows wedding is Forever Starts Here and I totally agree.

I know we spoke last night and you are all about me just doing what I need to do to take care of myself to get better, but I just want you to know how much I love you and am excited for you. I promise to do my best and give it all I have tomorrow.  Not sure if that means 5 minutes for 15 hours.  I'm sorry this treatment is so unpredictable and it puts me in this place that breaks my heart.  I don't want to miss any of the fun! I have high expectations of who I want to be for you at your wedding, but it is not realistic with how little energy my body has. I want to be there for you and your every minute to celebrate your marriage. Please know, I will be there tomorrow and the rest of our lives to share in the good and bad times. I have four years of marriage under my belt and I am happy to pass on my wisdom or be a sounding board for you.I love you.  I have been planning and anticipating to go all-out for tomorrow. I pray it is a good day for me.  But most of all, I hope it is a great day for you.  You have arranged a beautiful wedding with delicious food, great drinks, the best DJ EVER, and the tent of your wedding dreams. Have fun. Let all the details and stress go (kinda like when we were little...throw the grumpies out the window) and enjoy every second of time with dad on the boat, getting ready, doing your first site pictures, the ceremony, and dancing it up with Rob's music.  I can't wait to see you in both your ceremony dress and your party dress ready to boogie down!! Oh, and make sure to eat! Uncle Ray is BBQing up a feast for you so make sure you take a moment to enjoy every bite ;)

P.S. if anyone reading this will be at the wedding tomorrow, please bring a camcorder so her special day will be videoed. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something. I hope to see you all there. This is really important to me (and I know it will be important for her and BB down the road) but I wasn't able to make it happen (so I am reaching out to you). 

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  1. I'm going to do you one better than a camcorder. I'm prayin! Love u get ready to rally, I believe in u!