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October 17, 2012

Technology Saved the Day

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) we left Reno and headed toward San Francisco to see my Lyme specialist (early appointment on Wednesday).  I tend to get super anxious before any doctor appointments and this appointment turns out to be no exception. I'm awake at 6:30am unable to go back to sleep because my nerves have got the best of me.  I'm not really sure why, I always walk out with a plan whether I get good news or bad news, but I think the scars run really deep from all the years of hoping a doctor would know what was going on with my body and I would leave feeling broken and sad because not any of the top medical professionals had a clue.  I think I will take a LONG time to build my trust back up with any doctors even though I am completely happy with my specialist I'm conditioned to be very nervous and anxious - like how Pavlov's dog was to the tuning fork. He salivated anyway.

The drive was good. We took my new little car to be more efficient with gas. I got super carsick along the route and was contemplating if we should just pull over and find a place to stay and do the drive in the morning.  As a last resort I created a miracle carsickness remedy of medications and was able to fall asleep in the car and actually get wonderful sleep. Only problem is, I'm not sure what was in my concoction so I doubt I'll be able to recreate it! Oops! I know dramamine and zofran were in there, plus a dumb tv show I listened to with headphones. We didn't book a reservation in advance for our hotel because we had no idea how far I'd be able to last in the car. The last trip we had to pull over and find a place to sleep because I couldn't last any longer. It was awful feeling that awful so this time we prepared for that just incase it happens again.

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We ended up making it all the way and then stressing because every hotel we called was at full occupancy, but we didn't find that out til later because we were in the city and starving for some good food.  We decided to seek out a good Mexican restaurant so I pulled up one on Yelp and as we were getting out of the car I had a light bulb moment.  We were so close to House of Nanking and I've been begging to go there every trip we've made to San Francisco in the last two years.  This was finally a realistic request!! So we got back in the car and drove the 1.2 miles to get there! In retrospect we probably should have just walked from where we originally parked, but oh well. We ordered the food to go so we could start on our search for a place to sleep.

Have I ever mentioned how amazing technology is? Well it's stinkin' awesome because we probably would have slept in the car if it wasn't for our iPhones or our Garmin GPS! We had the perfect situation to try out,, and and for the true reviews of these hotels. I thought I would share with you my experience with was our least favorite and we quickly moved on to trying their competitors.  Their mobile site was hard to navigate and not helpful at all. The other three had a hard time when we put in the date (at 10pm) that we wanted a room for tonight (Tuesday) so we were not helped much with that when booking.  We could however, see which places had rooms available, although not 100% accurate because I called 4 places that could not accommodate us.

I think what took us so long to find a room was I really really wanted a room with a big bathtub and jets for my achy body. I was pretty determined to find one. We spent a lot of time trying to find a room that was available with this unique feature. by at 10:45pm I finally came to my senses and we called a place, reserved our room over the phone and walked in the lobby about 20 minutes later. In the end we settled for a perfect room we found on Expedia but had to call to make the reservation because it was so late the online booking wouldn't work.  So Expedia is our grand prize winner and we scored a non-smoking room, very clean, with the duvet cover sheets (not that nasty floral print kind that so many hotels have...what I refer to as the sex blanket. Ew. Because they rarely get washed.) and a big fridge for all my medication. There was not a good bathtub in this room, but the beds were amazing and I slept pretty well until my nerves woke me up! Plus, we are only 15-20 minutes away from my doctors office.  Winner winner chicken dinner! Two hours and counting until my appointment! Can't wait to hear what they have to say! Hoping and praying for positive news and a good game plan. I'll keep you posted!!

I was not asked to review any of the websites listed above, this is just my experience. I received no compensation for this review.

October 14, 2012

Peeling back the next layer :)

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post.  Time has literally flown by / I've slept away a lot of it.  The last round of Vermox was successful, but not as much as I would hope.  I saw my naturopath earlier this week and I learned a lot about what is going on with my body.  This is the first time that I have had radical changes so I am pretty excited!  I have come to think of my healing process as an onion and every couple of months I get to peel back another layer to find out what's now being exposed.

The one sad point for me is Babesia is back in the picture.  I thought I had conquered this stupid bug, but she's back, but only a little.  I still have Lyme but my biggest culprit is Bartonella!

I see my Lyme specialist early this week to get his take on how I am progressing.

I've started to have a new symptoms. One I can barely describe. PAIN. Everywhere-most specifically my pelvis, spine, shoulders, ugh. I've known that Lyme can cause a person a lot of pain and I though I had experienced Lyme pain.  I was completely wrong, the pain I've had today is excruciating. This morning I woke up in tears in with so much pain. Literally didn't even wake up first, but the pain woke me up. It is awful. I have some pain medicine, but the medicine doesn't touch it.

I am so glad I see my specialist so soon because no doctor can really help with pain issues until they see you because there are so many drug addicts and drug seekers in the world. So I'm icing my body and trying to be gentle until I can get to the appointment.

On a positive note I've started seeing a therapist to help me emotionally cope with all my body is going through.  There is an emotional component and a physical component to the healing process and I am ready for the healing process to being emotionally!

I'm sure I'll have more news after my specialist appointment. I'm anxious and excited to see what he has to say.

October 1, 2012

The FINAL Round of Parasite Slaughtering (I hope)

Okay, I just did it. I faced the moment I'd been hoping for and dreading all at the same time....I am taking my (hopefully) last round of Vermox (the amazing medication that gobbles up the body of the parasites living inside of my body leaving only protein for my body to absorb or excrete).  This moment has been something I've looked forward to for so long because it COULD mean I don't have any more parasites.  Yesterday was the full moon, which if you've been reading my posts, you know the full moon has a huge impact on my body because the parasites regenerate on the full moon cycle....last night would be their huge orgy party and tonight I believe I have the maximum number of parasites remaining in my body.

So I took the dreaded medicine just now at 11:50pm on Sunday, September 30th.  The regiment is to take the pill twice each day for thee days in a row.  It's a chewable pill so it goes into my system pretty quickly and I usually have stomach cramping within 20 minutes after taking it.  It the past, I've been knocked on my butt during these three I guess I wait and see.

Honestly, I have an upset stomach, but I had one before taking the pill so it's hard to differentiate the pains in my gut.  I'm hoping this round will be rather uneventful (meaning the medicine had nothing to destroy so it just passes through my system like anything else), but I guess we will have to wait and see.

At the beginning of my Lyme battle I had the Lyme bacteria, babesia, bartonella, and worms/other parasites of various sizes.  I have experienced three species that I could visibly detect - no microscope needed.

If I do have a positive last round then I can celebrate because I will have conquered my parasites!  I have already rid my body of babesia so the only buggers left are Lyme and bartonella.  I don't want to put up streamers yet, but I would like to point out we may be close to halftime in this fight and I am really excited because a lot of it will be downhill coasting!  I also have no idea if my body in healing time is actually at halftime or if healing time isn't measured by months and years....kinda like dog years does time pass much more quickly the second half?

There are little glimpses of the old me coming out.  My family notices them mostly, and it is super cool cause I don't recognize those little wins very often. Sometimes, I am scared to admit when I feel glimpses of the real me because I'm scared to jinx it. Western medicine complemented by Eastern medicine has led me to this point! It's working :)

I am hoping for three days of smooth sailing! Please keep me in your prayers! Oh, and if you run into me in the next few days (just in case there's any parasites still in there) make sure to yell at my parasites and tell them they are not wanted....seems to work better when others say it! lol!