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November 12, 2012

Creative Help Wanted!

Submission for my awareness campaign for this year has closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. I plan to roll out the new stickers with the new year! 

Each year I dedicate a little money for Lyme awareness.  I did silicone bracelets in the past which was a great success and everyone wanted them.  This year I really want to do a car decal to go on the back of a car in either white or lime green (or possibly both).  I've been trying to think of what it should say.  Do you have any ideas?  Once I design them and make them I'd be happy to mail the finished product to whoever contributes to helping me with the design (if you private message me your address)!

Here are some I've seen before, but I'd rather be more original:
1. Lyme Sucks
2. You Don't Get It 'Til You Get It - Lyme Disease Awareness
3. Lyme Lives Here
4. Someone I love has Lyme Disease (this is the same as I printed on my silicone bracelets)
5. ?????

CREATIVE HELP WANTED!  My whole purpose is to spread awareness. I know in my case if I had ever just heard or seen the words 'lyme disease' I would have looked it up and been able to diagnose myself!  I just want to help get the word out there in a creative and educating way. Thank you!

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