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November 18, 2012

Help Wanted - Please Vote On Your Favorite Slogans

Voting for my awareness campaign for this year has closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. I plan to roll out the new car decals with the new year! If you participated
or want a decal please fill out the following information :)

***Voting is now closed! I can't wait to share with you the few winning slogans and the designs I've made. Hoping to roll them out with the new year. Please pray I have the energy to do it. Thank you to everyone who voted! I feel like I can really share our awareness message to the public. :)

I would love to send one to each person who contributed and to anyone who will put this message on your car. Please remember my supplies and budget are limited. However, if you are able to donate to this cause please use my donate button to the left and help me spread the word about Lyme Disease Awareness even more!

Voting is now open to help me narrow down which slogans I will use to create car decals!  I will be using my skills as a graphic designer to create something I hope everyone will love. Each year I try to do something to help raise awareness about Lyme disease because before I was diagnosed I had never heard of it before!  I could have researched Lyme and helped diagnosed myself years earlier! That's why awareness is so important to me. I had nearly 30 suggestions for my decal campaign this year.  I need your help to narrow them down!  Please select the slogans that you like the best and would be a great awareness tool on the back of a car.

You may select multiple slogans when you vote but you are only allowed to vote one time. Please spread the word and get as many people to vote as possible. Poll will close in one week: November 25, 2012.

Here are examples of car decals for other causes. Click on each picture to learn more:

To check polling results at any time: click here.

Please select your favorite Lyme Awareness Slogans. I will take the top few and create them as decals available for everyone to spread the word :) free polls 

Thank you everyone,

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