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December 22, 2012

Celebrating the Holidays with/as a Sicky!

Hi everyone,
I wanted to write just a short post to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  I celebrate Christmas and am excited for all the family that is in town to celebrate this year, but I know not all of my readers celebrate Christmas so I titled today's post "Celebrating the Holidays with/as a Sicky!

I think it is very very important to be gentle with yourself.  This time of year brings a ton of expectations and the reality is you probably don't have enough spoons to be a part of every single event. That is okay.  Your goal (and I hope those who love and care about you support you in this) is to allow your body to heal. Stressing out to get things done, over-exhurting yourself to be part of every event is probably too much. You need to prioritize and be realistic with what you are able to actually do.  You are doing this so you can get better and make it to (hopefully) many future holidays.  It doesn't  do anyone any good if you kill yourself this year trying to live up to everyones expectations.  We are sick! And our bodies are FRAGILE! So take it easy this year and focus on what is really important.

So take a deep breath.  You have wonderful intentions. Anyone who is supportive of your Lyme journey, or any journey back to health will understand this. And anyone who doesn't, shouldn't be in your life! You need to be in an environment that supports healing.  Anything that adds stress, pain, sadness, and anger will not allow your body to heal.  I do support you experiencing all of these emotions as part of your journey back to health, but not living in them for days. My goal this year is to enjoy time with my loved ones and laugh....a lot. There is nothing that makes me feel better than reminiscing and laughing with my friends a family.

I am sorry we are in this place. I am sorry you are sick. I am sorry you have to prioritize Christmas day with your kids.  It sucks. It's not fair. BUT, you are not alone!  There are many people who are sick this year and aren't able to do every tradition. Focus on telling your loved ones how much you care about them and how special they are to you.  Share in the things that are not physical presents but that money can't buy.

Be gentle with yourself. Allow your body to heal. Laugh as much as you can. And enjoy the small things this holiday season.

Merry Christmas Everyone. You are in my prayers. I love you all.


PS I hope this starts off your quest for laughter and fun times. This is one of my favorites:

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