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December 14, 2012

Great Explanation of the Lyme Disease Controversies!

On this blog, I have mentioned many many times about the Lyme controversy. My last post was about how insurance didn't cover anyone diagnosed with Lyme Disease and painted you the picture of how insurance failed me, even though I was doing everything I was supposed to with regards to seeking medical treatments. By now, I hope you realize how many people are told they are crazy and Lyme doesn't exists.

Nearly every time I've touched on this topic, I've also referred you to watch the documentary, Under Our Skin. This is because Under Our Skin is available for free on and also available with instant live streaming from Netflix. My hope is that you will watch the documentary and be aware of the disease, which has become an epidemic.

I must confess, I have had a horribly hard time watching Under Our Skin because it hits too close to home for me. I relate so well to each person they featured in the documentary and it breaks my heart how many other people are suffering the same as me and some even worse.  I have watched the majority of it over time and I think they did an amazing job with the documentary.

Brittany Goff, a former Lymie, was featured on "Monsters Inside Me" for her Lyme and Babesia/Babesiosis infections.

Brittany has done a lot of research about the Lyme controversy and she really breaks down the controversy in this youtube video. She calls the video "Why the government won't allow treatment for Chronic Lyme disease."  Brittany does an amazing job explaining the entire controversy and why it came to be in the first place.

Also, here is part of Brittany's story featured on Monsters Inside Me:

Thank you Brittany for all your research and raising awareness! I am honored to feature you on my blog today :)

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  1. Excellent. Wow, I learn something new every day. Hate this disease! This sheds new light, for sure.